The Lonely Road

Life, Words in Motion / Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

How like this troublesome life; the lonely road does not even afford you the peace to walk it alone.Outpost after outpost is littered with the foolish, the scheming, the nay-sayers and the oblivious, self-absorbed toe-crushers.

‘But where are all the good people?’ you ask.

Ah. With good friends. Family. Partners. Lifelong gremlins. Dreams and ambitions. And some, on their own lonely road.

What say you to deafening silence radiating from within, with intervals of raucous harmony?

These to surely sweeten the journey and drown out the dross.

Things never known are known and done. Sight becomes as big as light, turning all ways around and then inwards. Liberating questions are asked. Form denounces form.

Let’s walk on water.

How strangely enlightening is this road…

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