Great Connections

Great connections are not an ‘in’ with people who the world/themselves think are great or better than you. Who supposedly hold the keys to the city.

Great connections are the bonds forged from respect, loyalty, compassion and common vision. A bond that overcomes the lack, inequality, weakness, selfishness and narcissism that plagues individuals and hence relationships, societies and industries at large.

It could start with a random spark but it is rooted by a decision and tireless affirming action.

Great connections change lives, make the impossible possible and makes simple, honest people great.

  1. LisaO Reply

    Indeed real connections are part of what makes life such a wonderful experience. They teach us, and open us up to a myriad of revealing truths about ourselves and others, some beautiful, some ugly, all insightful!

    • uberlogger Reply

      Truth! 🙂

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