National Poetry Day (2012)

Words in Motion / Thursday, October 4th, 2012

National Poetry Day
Passionate Thought Seed Day
Jaunty rhymes with nonsense words
Prose and meter by the herd

The transcendent psalm or proverb wise
The Hadith, the Yogas of all depth and size
The nursery rhymes that tickled our tongues
The rap of the old n voice of the young

We celebrate the words that flow
The words that bind or fit just so
The loudly spoke or gently hummed
Those quietly sipped like a port or rum

They lift us up, they share our downs
The teach us, haunt us, attack like hounds
To forget, to recall, to purge and create
To capture and protect within untenable grates
For Justice, for love, for laughter and pain
Their power is real from vein to refrain

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