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  • following in the footsteps of the Creator
    and Architect of the universe, i am a
    creative. to me creativity
    means growth and life and relating.
    sounds, words, scents, textures, ideas,
    tales, the tilt of the head that sees the new
    in the old. i believe in the power that makes a
    blade of grass a novelty each day. the power
    of ‘something from nothing.’ this is what makes
    writing and composing critically important.
    equally so, that oil blend that fills the head with
    undiscovered forests and worlds. that balm that
    brings a soothing voice to the hungry, fretting skin...
  • i could say music has been front
    stage since childhood. starting with family
    shows (led by older siblings) propped by bedsheet
    stage curtains and coke bottle mics.
    i guess the real journey began in a youth
    group in 1997 (the ruck squad. dangerous
    and dynamic, all singing, stepping, acting
    and dancing firebrand youths). then the
    breakaway 6-piece funksouljazz gospel
    harmony group seknd chance. by 2002, it
    was a solo walk to discover why this question
    of ‘so much more to be/do in life andmusic’ 
    tried to break down my door. a serious sit-down 
    with this issue ensued.then 7 years studying 
    music, a few pubs, creative corners 
    and well-lit stages... blah blah blah
  • talking in melody. i am falling deeper and deeper in love

    with singing asthe years go by, discovering uncharted

    lands and textures in my

    vocal landscape that (on a good day) range from the bass

    regions to mezzo soprano (a1 - e4)

  • i don’t have anyone i am modeled after but some artists
     have greatly touched my perception and respect for 
    music: paul simon, richard bona, femi temowo, 
    sting, al jarreau, terry callier, michael jackson, 
    nat king cole, michael franks, earth wind & fire,
    sara tavares, carmen mcrae, raphael saadiq, 
    salif keita. i know I am forgetting many 
    for this ‘top-something’ list.
  • my roots are in nigeria. akwa-ibom, on my father’s side. cross river, rivers, enugu, abeokuta,
     brazil on my mother's side. 
    i was born in london, uk. the hospital where i was 
    born is now a cosmetic surgery facility. hmm . . .
    earth origins,
  • you may have seen or heard me perform at any of the 
    following: moonbow Jakes (brockley & catford), 
    queen elizabeth hall, hard rock cafe, 
    green note, nobu (park lane), 
    st ethelburga’s centre for peace & 
    reconciliation, bush hall, brixton 
    art gallery, culture rapide (paris), lbc radio, 
    great hall, imperial college, pizza 
    on the park, oh tv unplugged, lose, at home with
     joselyn dumas, jazz cafe, grand prix 
    ball silverstonetroubadour club... and more.
    seen doing...,
  • i believe in the united states of africa. i dream 
    of it, but I don’t have a plan. i love the uk 
    and other nations i have visited/sojourned. 
    but i dream of this.
  • for me, laughter is an explosion of positive energy
    bubbles that empower and lighten the soul.
    i love stand up comedy like you wouldn’t
    understand. when I grow up, i would like
    my clone to be a comedian. (we all have
    our treadmill dreams).
  • i believe music really is one of the greatest things humanity 
    has access to as an influence and power in healing, teaching, 
    learning, time stamping, time travel, connections...
    i could go on but i think this is common knowledge
    the grand influence,
  • "three things will last forever— faith, hope, and love —
    and the greatest of these is love" st paul.
    i believe this strongly. it is a beautiful 
    and hard truth to live.
  • i have learnt most about music from living it and 
    intuitive leaning but a substantial stretch in the 
    music department of goldsmiths college university 
    of london opened up a world of multiple perspectives 
    and an amazing resource of great fellow musicians.
  • words are powerful. i am fascinated by the
    shape, beauty and ugliness of them. in
    lyricism, in prose, poetry, creating and communion.
    they are one of my favourite materials to work
    with, even more so than the beloved melody and mode.
  • me. unique fusion of folk, jazz, afribrazilian rhythms.
     simple, groovy, classy, warm and engaging.
    sounds like...,
  • i spent most of my early life traveling with my family: 
    nigeria, canada, cameroun, spain, liberia, 
    russia. . . even after settling in london, i 
    move from borough to borough. i once 
    moved house 3 times in one year. 
    i think i am almost over this wandering...
  • an instrument most wonderful.
    the beast that seeks to tame me. we have a love/hate 
    relationship but i respect it much. i didn’t learn 
    early. but there is always a place for one
    on this quest that is intrinsically infinite.
  • in contrast to my dark clouds i love the 
    sweetness of major 7ths and 9th chords.
    nature's sky blue and sea green. the good ol’ trusty
    friend. dopey grins. ‘cliche’, old-fashioned
    acts of kindness and idealism.
    sweet tooth,
  • i find humming in certain keys soothes pain
    and uneasiness...
  • “someday we’ll find it; the rainbow connection. 
    the lovers, the dreamers and me . . .”  
    kermit the frog via williams & ascher 
    (or vice versa)
    rainbow connection,
Word & Mind Space for U'mau

Truth/Fallacy… The World Today

The fallacy and impotence of heart and belief is starkly proclaimed by filthy, ugly actions. Truth and power is in those that overcome in light and love.
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A TRAMP ABROAD, a book by Mark Twain

This is the first book started and the last one finished in my simultaneous multiple book reading mentioned earlier. It’s a wonderful book.
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Worse Than Two-timing

I recently found myself in a situation where I was reading not one, not two, not three but four (4!!) books all at the same time. I recall once, years ago, telling off a friend who was doing a similar
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take something away with you.

Sound Journeys of the Lost and Found

my debut album...

so much love flowing in and out of this project.

have a listen, take it away with you...

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what a wonderful world we live in; so much natural goodness in the earth.

my mother has tried to teach us to work from

love and keep it simple. these two sentiments are at the core of Ayumoto, a joint  project with my sister, Oto.

earth love. body love. living space love. these products are made from the least possiblenumber of ingredients. kept natural.

giving and requiring care and responsibility.    healing, health and real luxury are found in this exchange. try it. love it. more to come...

HoU' Debut!

House of U' RnW

coming soon. one of the things that i am so

passionateabout and loving, loving!!

my debut scent...!

 HoU Scent Preview 1

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